The cleaning fee is broken down to two different types for your convenience and to give you a choice of services. We list the discounted partial fee on your original reservation and should you then opt for the full cleaning as described by not completing all of the items listed for the discount, we will simply add the balance to your credit card security deposit and you will see that difference show up on your card statement.

Choosing the discounted Partial Cleaning service means you/the guest accepts the responsibility of leaving the unit in a generally clean condition by adhering to the following bullets.

  • Gathering all garbage and partially used food from the house and placing it in the designated outside garbage container. PLEASE NOTE: Unopened food can be left in the house for the housekeeper or we will take it to the food bank.
  • Loading and starting the dishwasher (if one is available).
  • Washing pots and pans and dishes during the visit.
  • Generally wiped up/swept up all food spills and crumbs during the visit.
  • In units with a washer and dryer, starting one full load of like-colored linens – depending on the machine- it is from 2 – 3 full sets of sheets including the matching cases (no towels included in wash please).
  • Stripping all used beds and leave cover pulled back, taking all sheets to washer room.
  • Note: Do not strip bedspreads or mattress pads. If the pad has been soiled, please wash & dry that before loading the sheets on departure.
  • Cleaning BBQ grill as soon as you use it while still hot. Scrub lightly with a scrubber to get the large food items off.
  • If you have played with games or movies, please return them to their cases and proper places, and put all furnishings back where the owner had them.
  • Check for all of your belongings (don’t forget closets and drawers!).
  • Windows closed, heat turned down, and all doors locked securely upon departure.


$150 / Once / Per Accommodation