Rental Guidelines And Company Policy

Please read all of the important info below. By renting a home from us, you agree to adhere by these policies.

We offer unique, guest friendly  and well-furnished vacation properties on the Southern Oregon Coast and want your visit to be memorable. At the same time we want to protect the Owners of these wonderful private homes, so our balance is to make sure that our policies are known in advance. We work hard to see that these properties are in great condition, so that each guest will enjoy their vacation on our wild coast. You are renting a PRIVATE HOME and, as such, you will see differences in each – how they are furnished, some newer than others, some with more amenities, and so on. Since you are renting a Private Home, you will have a much more unique experience. Try a different house for each vacation, or come back to the one you love each time and consider it YOUR special getaway!

We will love hosting you on the Wild Coast of Oregon!

Our Policies are set to make everyone satisfied, from guest to homeowner. Please read the policies so that there will be no misunderstanding. Rules are to protect the properties so they will be in the best possible condition when you and future guests arrive!

The following policies are included in this document.

Reservations Policy

Reservations are by invitation only. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is not appropriate for our property or who fails to follow our Policy. While we have tried to provide an accurate and complete description of each property, we cannot guarantee it is always the same as the owner of the property may change in these private homes. They will, ,however, still be up to our standards. We apologize in advance for any inaccuracies. We cannot give refunds as each property is individually owned and each owner has but one property to rent. Please do not make a reservation until you are certain of your plans. Note that this is not a hotel with identical rooms, but instead these are private homes, and each owner has the right to add and subtract as they see fit. In addition, a private home is, by definition, variable and unique. Use our website as a guide, but expect that each house will be furnished the way that the private owner wishes.  Amenities have no dollar value and are offered free with the houses. Note: If they become unavailable they cannot always be duplicated in time for your reservation. We will work with guests as much as possible to make your stay above and beyond great!

Check payment rentals

The reservation you make online will be penciled in and held until the mail is received by the fifth day with your deposit check, ID and signature form.  Please email us when you mail the check. If your check and signed signature form have not arrived by mail on the sixth day, the house may be returned to the rental pool.

We will email you the exact rates and rental deposit amount.  Your final check must arrive to us at least 14 days prior to your arrival date. Last minute reservations must follow the credit card rental procedures on Reservations.

Credit card rentals

You may pay the reservation by credit card. If you are paying by credit card, we will need your ID and Signature Form emailed and your credit card information phoned in within 24 hours of your form submission.  PLEASE NOTE that payment by credit card is bound by all the rules and policies of this agreement. By the act of giving us your credit card you have agreed to terms.

Confirmation of your rental will be emailed to you when the credit card deposit is charged and the Signature Form arrives or if full credit card information and ID have been provided. Please thoroughly read and check this reservation for accuracy!

Please email us about one week before your arrival to confirm your arrival plans so that we can firm up any last minute details, such as any change to your arrival time or other requested changes. Any change requests need to be done at this time, and ALL changes must be completed no later than 48 hours prior to arrival – by email with a confirmation of change from us. Sorry, no changes are possible after this time and no refunds on anything that has changed. Please note that dates may not be able to be changed. Major changes to your reservation may incur a bookkeeping fee and require a new rental form. We will work with you to try to accommodate your changes.

Rates are posted clearly on the website. Please refer to the website for all rates, Season, Holiday and Spring break rates, tax, pet fee, and cleaning fee. Please note that a two-person discount means that only TWO people will use the house during your rental, using one bed/bath for the discount. We cannot break up different rates for different nights, you will be charged the rate for the most number of people who will use the house at any one time. There are discounted rates sometimes posted on the website, social media or our website in different seasons. You may also call us to see if we have a special during your dates and for the house you request.

The online Rental Form you have filled out should correctly state the number of people, the number of pets (if any), and your dates and arrival times. If there are substantial changes, contact us immediately as it may be necessary for you to send in another updated rental form indicating these corrections.

Visitors  to your rental  must be declared or the higher undeclared guest or pet fee will be charged to your security deposit, and you may be considered to be in violation of the rental agreement. We will estimate the additional occupancy and our estimate will be final when you have not pre-declared. We may find it necessary to have you vacate the house and there will be NO refunds in the case of unreported guests or pets, or usage that could harm the private home you have rented.

Security deposit:

A security deposit by check or a charge to your credit card is to cover any damage, cleaning, or unpaid items during your visit. This security deposit is fully and quickly refundable if you leave the house as found and as agreed. Refunds on a security deposit paid by check or credit card will be within 10 working days from the day the house is cleaned and inspected. The deposit could be held for a longer period if we find problems that will need to be corrected or estimates are needed.  Pets MAY require a separate pet deposit of $100-200

Late Arrival

Arrangements may be made in advance for arrival after 8 pm (6 pm off season) or on days that we are closed.

Please note: Arrival past closing time when you have not made late arrival arrangements is subject to someone being available after closing, when possible. Please prepay your reservation and deposit as described above if you cannot be sure you will arrive well before closing time. If you know in advance you will be arriving late, talk to us about key access arrangements so we can try to accommodate your request. Note: we do not refund the first night rental if you failed to arrive without 24-hour advance notice. Please plan your trip carefully and notify us of problems as far in advance as possible.

Cancellation Policy

REFUNDS of rental deposit or rent during high season or holidays are not available unless we can re-book the time in full at full rate, as your reservation deposit is your guarantee to the owner that you will pay for the time you have personally rented when you removed their house from the rental pool. The owner has only one house to rent, and a very short season to rent that house. Please do your shopping, ask your questions, check your dates, and read the descriptions in full, BEFORE you rent a house so you will be happy with the house you have rented. and we suggest you wait to make your rental reservation until you are sure of your dates.

If you must cancel with at least 30 days emailed notice and it is possible to re-rent your entire time for you, we will refund all but a small bookkeeping handling fee. Changes and cancellations must be done in writing by email, even if you call to make changes or to cancel a reservation. Be sure you have received a response to your email. Call with any questions that arise and we can explore the options for you. If a last minute emergency we may be able to move your reservation date if we cannot rent the property on your booked dates

Cancellation of rental in off seasons

A refund of reservation deposits in the off seasons is at the discretion of Wild Coast Vacations, less the handling fee for cancellations with at least 14 days written notice.

If you cancel less than 14 days prior to arrival, we will still refund less bookkeeping/handling fee IF we can re-book the entire time. Please see the cancellation insurance (travel interruption insurance) for coverage of your non-refundable rent and airfare. Sorry, we do not provide travel interruption insurance see below. *

NOTE:  We do try to work with guests with last minute emergencies so be sure to contact us.  Just realize (as stated above) we have to protect the owner and their calendar in the short seasons.

*Renting 10 days or more?

Rentals of 10 days or more during any season will have no refunds in any season unless we can re-book the entire time you rented. These reservations will remove the house from rental for a long period and that cannot be recovered.

All Refunds will be subject to a 25% of the rent handling and bookkeeping fee to cover phone calls, employee time, bookkeeping, computer entry and lost bookings, with a minimum of $35 on cabins and small cottages and $50 on houses.

Rental Interruption Insurance

We are not an insurance provider, but there are insurers who will ensure your vacation in case you have to cancel due to an emergency. Please contact an insurance provider such as or CSA Travel Protection (and there are many others) for information. You can purchase insurance that will cover lost deposits, non-refundable rent and plane tickets, etc from a provider of such insurance. We suggest you purchase insurance against an emergency that may cause you to cancel your trip.

Changes To Your Reservations

All Changes To Your Reservation Must Be Completed At Least 48 Hrs Prior To Arrival.

You may call first but will need to email all updates and requests for changes to and include ALL information in your email including name of the house, your name, date of arrival, and proposed change.

A substantial change may require a new online rental form and a bookkeeping fee. Please note dates can seldom be changed.

All changes must be by email, with a return email. Do not call to make changes.

Refund Policy

Each house is a unique product, and we cannot give refunds on these houses once you have taken it off the rental pool for yourself unless we can rent it to another guest (see above) cancellation policy) . Please ask the questions needed before you make a reservation, so that you can pick the best house for your vacation. Please read all house descriptions thoroughly. If a house has become unavailable, we will make every attempt to move you to a similar house, and if we cannot find one similar that we feel will work fine for you then, of course, a full refund will be issued.

We cannot be responsible for amenities that become unusable, and no refunds will be made for an item that no longer works. Report non-working or damaged items immediately and do not tamper in any way with an item in the house that is mechanical or electronic.  You must notify us immediately so we can inspect the item WHILE YOU ARE THERE.

Please Note That Hot Tubs Are Temperamental. Settings should not be changed and if you have changed settings and the hot tub no longer works, we will send someone when available to re-set it but you may not have the use of it during your stay. The hot tub was set and checked just prior to your arrival – so do not make changes. We cannot be responsible for a hot tub that stops working during your vacation. Please call us immediately if the hot tub has malfunctioned and we will make every attempt to fix it as soon as is possible but make no guarantees on the functioning of a hot tub. If it has stopped working because someone in your party has tried to change the settings (especially the heat) we do charge for the trip and any time we spend at the rate of $25 per hour or part hour during working hours. Sorry, no refunds can be made for these amenities that stop working.

Lodging Tax

A bed/lodging tax applies to all houses. All houses are subject to an Oregon state 1.8% bed tax. Houses within Gold Beach city limits are subject to an additional 7% bed tax. These are added to the total of your rental fees.


You may not remain in a house if you have given false information on the rental agreements, or where you have not followed our policy and guidelines, and there will be no refunds. We will charge you for any violations that cost us time or money, at our discretion. No exceptions, no prior warning.  We reserve the right to remove anyone from a house who is acting in a belligerent or hostile fashion as you will be considered a risk to the house. No refunds will be given for unused time when you have been removed.

Assumed risk

Renter realizes that the use of hot tubs and other amenities have certain dangers and assumes all responsibility to know these dangers and how all items work before using them. Guest hereby agrees to INDEMNIFY and holds Wild Coast Vacations LLC and the owner of the house harmless for any and all claims including those of third parties, arising out of or in any way related to the use of the premises or the personal property provided therein. Guest also assumes the risk of injury or other losses related to any recreational activity or occupancy of this home and will hold the owner and its Agents harmless with respect thereto. By renting this house, the guest has expressly agreed to all stipulations and assumes all responsibility for the house, contents, guests, and property.

Check-In Policy

Check-In Time:

Summer check-in hours are 3:00 to 8:00pm.

Other seasons check-in hours are 2:00 to 6:00pm

To arrive after these hours, please call the office to let us know and get details on your specific arrival.  You will receive instructions on check-in when you are paid in full.  You will be asked to call when you are a half hour away so staff will know when to meet you at the house or advise you regarding obtaining the key to the property.

If you need to come by the office, it is located at 29826 Ellensburg Ave (Highway 101). Call first, as we work out of the office most of the time. It is important that we know your arrival time frame. Please give us a call from Brookings or Port Orford (30 minutes out) so we will be sure to be waiting at the home or office (we will let you know which when you finalize your reservation). Call us at: 541-247-7100.  We are a hands-on company and houses and guests are a first priority. With that in mind, we may be out of the office some days for a long time.  The calls will always be forwarded to a staff member, answering service or voicemail which we check regularly.

There is no check-in available after closing time IF you have not prepaid in advance as directed and given us notice. Please note there can be road delays, so allow yourself extra time for travel! ALWAYS call us as soon as you realize you will be late so we can explore options.

NO CHECKS are accepted at check-in. If you wish to pay the balance by check, please prepay at least 14 days prior to arrival. Credit card and ID is still required for security deposit.

The responsible party must be available at check-in and must present his/her own credit card with identification.

Rental Policy

Rental Policy Sections:


Smoking in these pristine non-smoking houses will be considered damage. No smoking is allowed in the house or on the property. If you smoke by the street, you must contain and dispose of all debris (not in our trash cans, however) and no cigarettes are allowed on the grounds or left behind.


Pets are welcome in our pet friendly houses with prior written approval, pet deposit and cleaning fee.  Pet fee is $10-155 per pet per night, deposit is a signature (security deposit) that you will be responsible for damage OR mess, backed by a major credit card (and possibly a refundable $200 PET damage deposit on your card).

Please note our houses do NOT look like pet-friendly houses that you may have seen before, but are kept as pristine as possible. In order to continue to provide good pet owners with beautiful homes that accept pets, we must have rules.

  • Clean up after your pet, check area for pet deposits and hair, both inside and out.
  • Bring bedding for the pets and your own sheets to cover pet areas.
  • Have claws clipped and sanded to protect wood floors, as you will be responsible for any damage or extra cleaning.
  • Pets are allowed only in the main living area and must be kept off ALL furnishings at all times.
  • Pets must be with guests at all times. If you must leave them alone, they MUST be in a crate in an area where there is no carpet – e.g., garage or kitchen.

Help us keep our pet friendly houses perfect and pet friendly! We are pet lovers and we don’t like traveling and being confined to motel rooms because we have a pet. We are trying to have these lovely houses stay pet friendly. We can only do this with your help.

All pets must have current flea treatment (WITH PROOF) during all warm months and be up to date on all shots. Proof of flea treatment means you bring flea treatment container for proof during summer/ spring/ fall months. We will need the container that proves that you have used the product on your pet within the last 15 days so just bring the empty. We cannot take a chance on a flea infestation! PLEASE NOTE: fleas may jump on the pet HERE AT THE BEACH and then come inside the house and fall into the carpet. It does not make any difference if your pet has fleas right now, you must use the flea treatment to use one of our homes.

Pets put into non-pet units, or in any house without permission, will be considered damage and will be charged accordingly to return the house to a pet free status which is a minimum of $200.


We do not rent to students or groups under the age of 21. We do not rent to groups of any kind without prior written arrangements. A large group requires a larger security deposit.

Adult Groups

The number of people listed on your reservation sheet is the maximum number that may occupy this house at any time. No exceptions without prior written approval and no unregistered guests are allowed in the house or on the property at any time.

Get-Together Between Rented Houses

Houses are individually owned and items cannot be taken from one house to another, so If you need group supplies, please bring them with you. We appreciate your understanding and care of these private homes. Groups have special responsibilities to not allow any item to be taken from one house to another, to not allow damage to occur, to not allow non-guests in these houses, or to exceed maximum paid occupancy of any house at any time.

Note that groups have a larger security deposit of at least $450 or more depending on the size of the group. If you have rented more than one house, each house has a separate security deposit.

Occupancy Limits

Occupancy of the house is limited to the number of people declared on the reservation and check-in form and to the number listed that the house will accommodate. The maximum number of people for any part of the stay determines the basic rate for the unit. We cannot break up different rates for different nights, you will be charged the rate for the most number of people who will use the house at any one time.

UNDECLARED guests or visitors (of any time duration) will be charged to your card at the rate of $30 per person per day or part of the day, plus a bookkeeping fee. We will use our best judgment as to how many / how long these undeclared guests were on the property and our word is final when these things are not declared in advance on the rental form and with proper notice. The same applies to pets, which will be an undeclared fee of $20 per day or part of the day – No Exceptions. Even with approval, we may change our mind if we see any problems, at our option, if we feel it is necessary to protect the property. Undeclared guests or pets can be grounds for immediate removal with absolutely no refund. Your understanding is appreciated. Immediate removal from the property will result with this breach of our rental agreement, no refunds will be made for unused time for defrauding an innkeeper, which is a crime.

Check-out Time

Check-out time for all homes is 10:00am.

Cleaning Fee

The cleaning fee is broken down to two different types for your convenience and to give you a choice of services. We list the discounted partial fee on your original reservation and should you then opt for the full cleaning as described by not completing all of the items listed for the discount, we will simply add the balance to your credit card security deposit and you will see that difference show up on your card statement.

Discounted Partial Cleaning Fee

Means that the guest has left the unit in generally neat condition by:

  • Gathering all garbage and partially used food from the house and placing it in the designated outside garbage container.
    PLEASE NOTE: Unopened food can be left in the house for the housekeeper or we will take it to the food bank.
  • Loading and starting the dishwasher (if one is available).
  • Washing pots and pans and dishes during the visit. Do not use abrasive tools or cleaners that will damage the pots and pans
  • In units with a washer and dryer, starting one full load of like-colored linens – depending on the machine- it is from 2 – 3 full sets of sheets including the matching cases (no towels included in wash please).
  • Stripping all used beds and leave cover pulled back, taking all sheets to washer room.
  • Note: Do not strip bedspreads or mattress pads. If the pad has been soiled, please wash & dry that before loading the sheets on departure.
  • Cleaning BBQ grill as soon as you use it while still hot each time. Scrub lightly with a scrubber to get the large food items off.
  • If you have played with games or movies, please return them to their cases and proper places, and put all furnishings back where the owner had them.
  • Check for all of your belongings (don’t forget closets and drawers!).

Regular standard Full cleaning fee* will be charged where ALL of the above has not been done. This is the STANDARD cleaning fee you would normally pay everywhere and the difference will be charged to your card for this service since you were charged only the discounted partial cleaning.

For either cleaning option: Please do NOT leave food debris (including crumbs and spills) around as this will attract ants here at the beach in a matter of hours.

Be Sure To Secure The House When You Leave

Making sure that windows and doors are all closed and locked and that heat is turned to the lowest setting. Most doors will be able to be locked with the thumb lock as you leave.  If this is not the case, please call 541.247.7100 and we will advise where to leave the key.  If you can thumb lock the door, leave the key on the counter.

Extra cleaning

Any unit left in a state of disarray will be charged an hourly fee to clean the unit and return it to rentable condition, and this fee is $20 per hour per person, with a $100 minimum charge. This will be charged if the house is left with pet hair or deposits, cigarette smoke or deposits, or in any kind of general disarray damage, spilled and tracked food or food that has attracted ants, or maintenance that takes extra time to prepare the house for the next guest, including moved furnishings where we have to spend extra time to put things back the way the owner had them.


Bag and tie all garbage and place in exterior garbage containers. If trash will not fit, please call us for options. In houses located in Sebastian Shores, guest must take garbage to dumpster at end of street.


Furnishings must be put back as they were when you checked in, in their original position that the owner of the house had placed them. If Housekeeping has to move furniture, an extra charge will be added to your cleaning fee.

DO NOT move or tamper with any electronic item under any circumstances. If you are having a problem with an electronic item, call 541.247.7100 to report the problem. We will do everything we can to fix or repair the problem, but under no circumstances are you allowed to manipulate, move, or tamper with any such item.

NOTE: These are private homes, some new – some older. All are furnished and maintained by the owner. We note on the detail page for each home all this information as well as we can, so you can choose a newer house or an older home (reflected also in the pricing and the age of furnishings and amenities) as best fits your needs. Please ASK if there is a particular need that you have and we will do our best to answer accurately.

Please Note: The rates, policy, are the rates and policies posted on this website, the clerks CANNOT make ANY CHANGES to posted rates and policy over the telephone. Only posted rates and policy will apply.

This policy page is made a part of the rental, agreed to by renter by the act of renting. We wish to be of assistance to guests and the owner. If you have questions or wish to discuss any of policies, please call us at 541 -247-7100 so we can help you have a dream vacation on the coast.