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2023 Dates to be Announced for These Past Events

PAWS (Pet And Writers Seminar) At the Beach!
Everyone has a favorite story about a pet we’ve known. Come to our annual Coast PAWS at the Beach and learn from a writer how to pen that story yourself. Then we will print the stories in a book to share. Email for further information or to make your reservation.  $35 at the door, or $25 if you make a reservation in advance.  The entrance fee includes the seminar and the book.
Rent a house or cottage for the weekend and receive a 75% discount on the seminar!

Ongoing Events & Activities in Area


Tidepools are created when the tide goes out from rocky coastal areas, leaving water in crevices and holes. When it gets sunny, the smaller pools can get very warm or conversely, very cold during the winter months. Tidepool species are specially adapted for life in intertidal areas, which makes them unique and very special. Oregon’s intertidal areas have such high species diversity that they have been compared to tropical rainforests. What you may see in a tidepool:

  • Cnidarians (sea anemones)
  • Molluscs (mussels, snails, limpets, chitons and maybe even an octopus!)
  • Arthropods (crabs and barnacles)
  • Echinoderms (sea stars and urchins)
  • Fish (tidepool sculpins)
  • Tunicates (sea squirts)
  • Birds (gulls, oystercatchers, shorebirds)
  • Algae (seaweed, kelp)
  • Marine mammals (seals, sea lions)

Wild Coast Vacations has tidepool leaders who can take you on an informational and fun exploration in our area. Be sure to note this request when you send in your reservation form.

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